Foll ow this link to read t he re-cap of ep isode 1. Hae Soo sees all this and goes to find Wang So. Except for the windows, a man cave usually doesn’t have windows. Foll ow this link to read t he re-cap of ep isode 1. Believing herself dead, Ha Jin passes out. Ha Jin is offered a hand up but something unseen is dragging her under and she slips soundlessly below the water’s surface. Across the palace grounds, the princes prepare for the ritual dance that will expel the ghosts. But there is something off about this family. They stare at each other stunned. (So, they are not a contingent of riders and their leader but a prisoner and those guarding him.) It has been mentioned a couple of times that Wook and So are the only two princes born in the same year. I have issues with dramas where the girl is disguised as a guy. This drama definitely did not disappoint and we were gifted with three opening episodes this week. Blogging just after watching !! That thought is shattered when the 10th prince bumps into her as he floats. She promises to try to fit into the household as they weave in and out of the bookshelves, unintentionally hiding from one another. The two brothers stare at each other. He is about to get the chance as Wang So rounds the door to the lab. He dismounts his horse and without a word pulls his sword from the saddle and kills the beast, to the horror of the palace guards. Heck yes!! She is now face to face with 4th Prince Wang So, the feared Dog Wolf of Goryeo!! No need to hide it. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episodes 1-2 Recap. ©, 2014-2020, All Rights Reserved. She confronts her about it but Hae Soo reads her body language and pegs her as someone who looks for a reason to pick at someone they dislike. She is directly in the path of Wang So’s galloping horse. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 8. And i had fun watching him, cold man and modern Hae Soo having little… nterraction ha ha ha. Standing on the edge of the road, Hae Soo is unhappy she lost her connection to her former life. I am sure it is gonna happen in moonlight drawn by clouds too. Simultaneously, the slightest quiver of a cheek muscle lets us know that he is on emotional edge and constantly battling to keep his wounds, both external and internal, hidden from the world. Turns out that Wang So has many scars on his body to he has been beaten and abused in the other kingdom. Well, thanks for nothing Mr. As Wang Eun makes to hit Hae Soo Wang Wook intervenes and stops his brother. I fully expect my heart to be in tattered pieces by this dramas final episode. Wook and So were born in the same year, but Wook is number 8 and So is number 4. Who are 5, 6 & 7?” When Wang So views the job as a dogs work, he is informed that it is the wish of the Crown Prince. Wang So has been bartered to broker a peace between kingdoms and he believes his is a hostage of the agreement. It doesn’t take too much imagination, as her billowing clothing gives the appearance of an astronaut in a space suit. The pair sees the 8th prince and his wife Myung Hee walking together. MY BIAS — Well kjtamuser, you ended my debate of whether or not to watch Scarlet Heart now or when it finishes being broadcast. The princes gain the upper hand and the ninjas flee. The bum accepts the bottle and pours the soju down his throat as Ha Jin pours out her troubles in an impromptu therapy session. The bird, having taken a bite of the Crown Princes’ breakfast, died before being able to swallow the first morsel. He seems to be a pretty flirty boy. That was my first exposure to Jung Il Woo and it made me a lifelong fan! That is harsh! Sep 5, 2016 - Hello everyone and welcome to the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club! Yikes! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The princes descend on Mr. Sunshine’s laboratory located within the palace grounds. She took a knife to Wang So’s throat and ended up permanently scarring him in the process. Chae Ryung informs her that he is thoughtful and kind and Hae Soo decides that she can trust him. Speaking of saddles, the rumor that he killed his horse upon entering the gates has circulated and made it back to royal ears. Our lead actors have brought their A game and novice actors are giving it their best shot. The princes and princess all gather to share tea. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episodes 1-2 Recap I'm writing this recap after watching both of the first 2 episodes. Mr. Sunshine appears over his shoulder and informs him that Wang So is holding the most recent publication. Thank goodness!! If you can believe it, this is my first exposure to Lee Joon Ki. Bölüm izle asyafanatikleri, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 1. I am watching 49 days again these days.. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 2 & 3 Recap. Bölüm Türkçe Altyazılı Kore Dizisi İzleScarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 01 Our heroine now has two suitors with two completely different approaches vying for her affections, and with restrictions aplenty, hers doesn’t seem the most enviable position to be in. This isn’t my normal “blog while I watch” recap. Ahhh the Royal Jjimjabong!! ( Log Out /  Not expecting to find a woman in a bath with his brothers, he orders her to “stop right there” and loudly accuses her of spying on them. But who?? Read the recap detailing Hae-Soo's time travel journey to meet seven hot princes! A bum is staring at Ha Jin and it is clear that he needs a drink almost worse than she does. This seems to be the same royal family as SOGC, with a plethora of princes, including Wang So and Wang Wook, and even the astronomer was named Ji Mong. With that many women bearing children for the King, having Wang So #4 (son of Queen #4) and Wang Wook #8 (son of Queen #5) in the same year seems possible. The next day Hae Soo and Chae Ryung wander the grounds at the 8th Princes’ home doing all they can to refresh Hae Soo’s “memory”. Bölüm izle asyafanatikleri, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 8. It seems logical to me. I’m writing this recap after watching both of the first 2 episodes. Bölüm İizle Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Altyazılı İzle Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo izle Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo tüm bölümler Eğer yapacağınız yorum bölümle ilgili değil ise yorum yapmadan önce lütfen aşağıdaki linke tıklayarak bildirimi okuyun. Ha Jin believes that she has finally resurfaced in the same pool that she jumped into. Scarlet Heart, also known as Bubu Jingxin, is a Chinese television series based on the novel of the same Chinese title by Tong Hua.Filming for the series started on 6 December 2010 in Shanghai and ended on 22 March 2011. 2016 seems to be the year of drama lovers so many good dramas one after the other… Watch Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 1 English Subbed on Myasiantv, This drama is based on Chinese novel “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua which was originally published online in 2005 on Jinjiang Original Network. Almost immediately, cries of “the Dog Wolf! RELATED | Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 1 Recap – 7 Princes and Romance Though the Scarlet Heart Ryeo ending left us with no happy ending, I took 4th Prince’s last words to heart. Why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it while you are dispensing your happy go lucky advice? The Queen, despondent from the death of her first son, and the idea of having to share her husband with another woman just to maintain, power grabs her youngest son, Wang So, and they both kneel before the King. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Aug 31, 2016 - Rejoice K-drama fans! I’ve been told that there is a time and place for everything and that a good card player doesn’t show all of their cards at once. The Queen is not happy that Wang So is hurt not Wang Mu. He is the Korean answer to Leonardo Da Vinci. All the princes gather and watch the fight which ends with Hae Soo head butting the Wang Eun. Time between dog and wolf is really an amazing drama but I was not satisfied with the ending. it’s being aired on SBS (a South Korean Broadcast system). I loved JH’s misunderstood prince and I love the misunderstood Wang So. News delivered by none other than Wang Shik Ryeom, the very one who called for the Crown Prince to be deposed. And I refuse to go buy new ones (even though they’re cheap) when I know mine are in the rest of these datgone boxes somewhere! He asks Wang So to switch places with him at the festival so the attackers cannot hurt him (everyone are in masks so identity is easy to hide). Ouch! But, when he smiles at his witch of a mother, for the briefest moment we glimpse an injured, hopeful child who only seeks his mothers’ love. 4 th Prince makes a desperate attempt to stay in the palace while Hae-Soo’s romantic life grows ever more complicated.. RELATED | Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 1 Recap – 7 Princes and Romance Who is who and what is what are discussed until Chae Ryung is convinced that it’s all a trick orchestrated by Hae So to avoid a debt or to duck unwanted advances from a previous lover. It seems our Mr. Sunshine is a bit of a 변태 (buyn-tae=pervert). I’m watching Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds as well but for fun, not to recap. Above water, a solar eclipse begins and the sky darkens as the sun is covered by the earth’s shadow. He doesn’t want her to go, but she convinces him that as … Hae So marvels at her new face and body. The martial arts is the “on wire” which is ridiculous but loads of fun to watch. She decides for the moment that she is stuck in Goryeo and that she just needs to get by until she can figure out what happened. Wang So removes his mask. Nor does he want one. He’s not supposed to be polished and sexy. We see that evil Wang Ho is the ninja leader. Hae Soo interrupts telling Want So she knows something important. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Goryeo tells the story of a modern day woman (IU) who travels back in time to the Goryeo era. Wang So stands atop the battlements and remembers the fight between his parents that caused him to wear a mask. I don’t know who was more surprised, Hae Soo or the prince. Perhaps he has answers. I am watching this drama for Park Bo geum…he is quite surprising. This is "Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 18 Part 1" by korea on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. PRINCES — Ironic that Hae Soo demanded an apology from Wan Eun for peeping; while denying that she peeped at the princes’ bathing pool! A leading lady who time travels to Goryeo era, a misunderstood leading man, a gaggle of brothers, a King and Queen who aren’t sparkling examples of kindness, and an astrologer that probably holds the key to the time travel. And with a family like this one, you can be sure there will be plenty of ruffled feathers when it comes to policy and procedure in the royal household. I just love Lee Jun Ki.. Another saeguk for him..I wish it does better than scholar who walks the night. We got introductions to different princes and the drama started off with a bang! EPISODE 1. ( coffee prince is most favorite k drama up till now ..nothing can beat it for me..what you said about leading man come off foolish can be literally seen here ) I also enjoyed Wang So’s character. The only other thing that I can think is we’re talking Chinese years or something? Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 1. She disfigured Wang So’s face and then banished him to be adopted by one of the King’s other concubines in the name of keeping the peach—*HA! The 3rd Prince, who is clearly too cool for school, insists that if he did see Wang So he would refuse his greeting. Hae Soo is resting next to the vat of glue when she sees Mr. Sunshine’s doppelganger leaving the grounds. Thanks for dropping by!! The words are still floating in the air as the Crown Prince materializes from behind a bookshelf to make the request himself. Wang Wook tells Wang So to let Hae Soo go. He seems like a nice guy but only time will tell. We have yet to reach the meat of our plot and the actors’ opportunity to really show their stuff. Hae Soo (IU) is unhappy with her life. You must be shaking your head at my responses missing the mark. The drama airs on Mon and Tue every week. She is temporarily exiled outside to mix the glue they use to build the lanterns. In the throne room, Taejo throws a birdcage, containing a dead bird, to the floor. Soon Duk tells Wang Eun that she will go face the soldiers alone. No one. Change ). I first noticed him in I Remember you..he is good..I just hope Lee Young finds out the truth about Ra on soon than expected.. EPISODE 1. Common mistake but it irks me sherbet I see it done with siblings. Suddenly she realizes that she is not dead but she is in another person’s body. He tells her that her life can’t change easily. When he arrives at the palace, no one is welcoming or happy to see him. I have this huge crush on jung il woo…had it been recapped by you it would have been amazing…this story brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I watch it…I hope you have seen 49 days!!! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Bienvenue sur BonDrama! Experience is the best teacher and I am sure that his performance will continue to improve as the drama goes on. ( Log Out /  Thanks, kjtamuser. Little does he know that Queen Yoo and brother Prince Wang Yo are plotting his demise. In Moonlight it’s hard to say who is more beautiful… Park Bo Gum or Kim You Jung. Wang Eun follows Hae Soo but gets distracted peeping into a door hole and watching Chae Ryung dress. Then you get pulled through a time portal into Goryeo era. Hae Soo wonders aloud as to what kind of a man the 8th prince is. I watch and blog dramas on Go Ha Jin sits despondently on a dock drinking soju. In the astrologer’s library, Wang So is perusing Goryeo porn. START WITH A BANG! She immediately sends him away, feigning illness. All of these questions will be answered and hopefully soon. She remembers his face and follows him. I was not expecting you to recap the Moon lovers..Thank you for recapping this Terrific way to meet and a great ending to the first episode! Check it out via the embedded video below: Asian drama fan. * No wonder Wang So has anger issues. EPISODE 1. Dec 8, 2019 - Explore Gabrielle Le's board "Scarlet heart ryeo" on Pinterest. So for now I will Satisfy myself by reading scarlet Heart Recaps… I wish they were not aired at the same time slot. I am sure that he received plenty of good advice from the director and veteran actors along the way. Bon dramatage From the photography to the costuming to the pretty people inhabiting the costumes, this is pure unadulterated eye candy. You meet a man, Prince Wang So, that you don’t shy away from and prejudge like everyone else. She sits by a lake and drinks… But that doesn’t make sense either cause aren’t those cycles like 20 years apart or something like that? Myung Hee tells her that she is in 8th Prince Wang Wook’s household located in Songak in Goryeo. As the Queen chats with the court advisor, a servant scurries in and tells her that her son, 4th Prince Wang So, has arrived to see her. The first song of the OST, “For You” is sung by Baekhyun (who plays Prince Wang Eun), Chen, and Xiumin (EXO). In return, Wang So can have whatever his brother can grant him. We did get a nice introduction to the princes, although we did not get to know much about the minor character princess yet. The conversation begins and the princes question our Astrologer to the King about the truth of his celestial prophecies. Mr. Sunshine then decides it’s nap time and promptly curls up into a ball to sleep. A knife flies through the air and plunges into the ninja’s forehead killing him instantly. Scarlet Heart Ryeo 1. I am also a Ji Soo fan—I hope we get to see him shine! I really appreciate your effort. ( Log Out /  Nov 4, 2016 - Hello everyone and welcome to the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club! The conversation devolves into a size (wink wink) joke that momentarily sucks all the air out of the room until the 9th Prince, Wang Won, puts the train back on the PG-13 tracks with a bit of schmaltzy redirect. I haven’t watched Beautiful mind but read your recaps and I really loved the drama on the basis of your recaps…I am yet to see jang hyun in action.. (Having said that, I am aware at times, wigs will not always look normal or natural in some acting situations.)., Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? We got introductions to different princes and the drama started off with a bang! Ouch! I like that scarlet heart is getting better and really hope to see the romance budding between the lead otp soon..I am still skeptical of the remaining cast.. The drama airs on Mon and Tue every week. She demands an apology surprising Wang So. Hae Soo called him out and demands a apology. Ha Jin is surrounded by a few families, happily enjoying the sunny weather. I have been looking forward to this series and I am glad you are recapping it. Wang Mu knows that forces are plotting against him and the spiritual festival may be when they strike. He tells her that she’s different and he doesn’t understand some of the phrasings she is using. As he finds out living back with the family isn’t bliss either. ( Log Out /  nous voulons juste mentionner si uptobox vous a limité à 2 heures, veuillez utiliser un autre lecteur ( il y a une liste sous le lecteur ), notre site est totalement gratuit vous n'avez pas à payer pour regarder. As she arrives in Goryeo her portrayal of confusion and disbelief is dead on. He is reminded by one of his fellow riders that he is an “adopted” member of the Kang household and is only present at the palace for official business. Episodes For now, and for most, the chance to really dig deep has not even been presented yet…. Wang So is offered a replacement horse for the journey back to Shinju and he flatly says, “I’m not going back.” I’m sure someone will have something to say about that somewhere down the line. This is a re-cap of episode 7 of the Korean drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart - Ryeo". Wang So barrels into the palace like a wrecking ball battleship exerting his badassery and rock hard shell. Ha Jin (now Hae Soo) sits alone in her room. — A double episode opener was an awesome way to start the series. Little does she know that Wang So is there so bathe. Chae Ryung and another woman who claims to be her 6th cousin, Myung Hee, greet her. Ha Jin’s body appears to be suspended in space. Description: Ce drama est basé sur la nouvelle "Bu Bu Jing Xin" de l'auteur Tong Hua.Go Ha Jin est une jeune femme du 21e siècle qui, suite à sa rupture avec son copain, se retrouve au bord de la mer. Wang Wook put his sword to Wang So. Foll ow this link to read t he re-cap of ep isode 1. The king replies that he is unsure if Wang So would be a shield or a sword to the Crown Prince. She sits by a lake and drinks soju to console herself. Granted there are several mothers involved, but even so, there would have to be 3 princes born between them during that same year. Today saw the premiere of a new Monday-Tuesday drama, SBS’s much-anticipated Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, which is another entry into the ranks of the 100 percent pre-produced dramas. He convinces Prince Wang So to impersonate him at the festival (everyone was wearing masks) to determine who is plotting against him. That is cold! The story started out strong. I can hope that the fusion of time travel and historical it may offer more latitude and longevity to the characters. Hae Soo (IU) was the perfect mix of confusion and pluck when she was thrust into the Goryeo era palace. Mr. Sunshine asks the King if Wang So has been summoned to the palace to be one of the Crown Prince’s men? Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 Recap. Hae Soo is knocked to the edge of the road and about to teeter into the river, when Wang So sweeps her up into the saddles. He does his mother’s bidding. The downside with any historical is that the body count can be high and heros often die. The Crown Prince Wang Mu is the lead. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 15. As our daydream begins we are politely reminded that artistic license has been taken with history for … Our youngest Prince has called for a contest to see who can float the longest in this steaming tub of “Kings”, when suddenly a girl erupts from the water, startling our bathing boys from their drinks and gossip. He so so cool! When the drama was first announced, my primary concern was hair. Scarlet heart: Ryeo, also referred to as Moon Lovers, is a South Korean historical drama based off the Chinese drama with a similar name. Wang So wants only one thing…. She runs to the safe haven of Madam Hae. The 4th Prince seems to be a stranger to most of his siblings. !” can be heard. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo EP.1-20 (จบ) ซับไทย ประเทศ : KOREA แนวของเรื่อง : Action / Historical / Romance / Drama / Political This role is solid and makes him part of an ensemble. Too bad it isn’t a rumor. She is in bed and dressed all in white silk. Right…that many, yes. As it is a recap, there are bound to be spoilers. Now, every time I need my pot holders or the kitchen paper towel holder, I’m irritated. Lee Joon Gi offers amazing subtlety and huge character all at the same time. En essayant de sauver un enfant de la noyade, une éclipse apparaît et elle se voit transportée à l'ère Goryeo, pendant le règne de Taejo, le premier roi de cette ère. Recent criticism of Baek Hyun, of EXO fame, is misplaced. This drama definitely did not disappoint and we were gifted with three opening episodes this week. Which is why Wook and So are the only ones born in the same year left (and explains why we never hear of 5, 6 and 7 throughout the series). EPISODE 1. Why is he not at this bath? Read the recap detailing Hae-Soo's time travel journey to meet seven hot princes! Wang So can’t help but be impressed by Hae Soo’s moxie. See more ideas about scarlet heart, scarlet, moon lovers. I agree Coffee Prince is superb.